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Premises Liability Accidents

We specialize in the representation of victims who have been injured and the families of those who have died as the result of an accident on property owned by others. Our areas of Premises Liability expertise ranges from "slip and fall", "trip and fall" claims to toxic chemical injuries, failure to warn of hazardous conditions, improperly maintained equipment, dog bites, safety and security issues, and other dangerous conditions of the Premises.

California law requires that residential and business property owners provide secure, safe and properly maintained Premises. Regardless of how or why a person enters a property, owners have a responsibility to maintain their property and to warn people who enter the Premises of any unsafe conditions.

If property owners fail to notify people entering their Premises of any hazardous conditions, the owner may be held legally responsible or "liable" for injuries that occur on their property. The law considers property owners who fail to meet their responsibilities negligent. The law requires that an injured victim's claim must demonstrate that negligence was a factor in their injury in order to receive compensation.

The most common Premises liability cases involve individuals who slip, trip or fall because of a defect or hazard on another person's property.



Other Premises liability injuries may occur as the result of: broken or cracked sidewalks, slippery or wet floors, a fall on escalators and elevators. unprovoked dog bites and attacks exposure to hazardous chemicals or toxic materials at work or in the home injuries that result from the criminal acts of others due to inadequate security "failure to warn" notification of a property's hazardous or unsafe condition

While many businesses and homeowners carry Premises liability insurance; it is often insufficient to fully pay any significant damage compensation. In this situation, the property owner is responsible for paying the costs that insurance does not cover. Insurance companies are always anxious to minimize their costs, so it is wise to consult with Premisse liability lawyer prior to accepting any settlement.

If you believe you have a claim against someone for an injury sustained in a Premises Liability case, contact The Law Firm Dalva & Associates, PLC. According to California law you have a limited time in which you may file a claim or forever lose you rights. Contact The Law Office of Dalva & Associates, PLC at 714 557-4000




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